Mouth Guard will protect your Braces

mouth-guard-torontoBraces are an investment both in time and in money. So don't risk damaging your braces while playing spring sports. Ask Dr. Norma Chou, Orthodontist, to recommend which mouth guard will protect your bracess and your teeth. Mouth Guards are an essential part of many athletes' sport equipment to protect a player's teeth from injury.

There are three types of mouth guards: stock mouth guards, boil and bite mouth guards and custom fitted mouth guards. Dr. Chou is happy to advise her patients about which mouth guard is right for them.

Stock mouth guards are preformed and come ready to wear. They are inexpensive and can be bought at most sporting goods stores in Toronto. Unfortunately, little can be done to adjust their fit: they tend to be bulky, make breathing and talking difficult and provide little or no protection. Dr. Chou does not recommend this type of mouth guard to her patients because it does not provide the proper protection needed for braces.

Boil and bite mouth guards can also be bought at many sporting goods stores in Toronto, and may offer a better fit than stock mouth protectors. Boil and bite mouth guards are made from a thermoplastic material so that you can do just as the instruction says; "boil and bite" to make it fit around your braces. Hot water softens this product and allows you to shape the mouth guard around your teeth using finger and tongue pressure. Dr. Chou recommends that patients use this mouth guard if they have braces and has some types in her office.

Lastly, custom fitted mouth guards can be ordered for you by Dr. Chou. They are more expensive than the other types because they are custom made by a dental laboratory from a mould of your teeth. They will provide the most comfort and protection for your teeth and should really be made after your braces are removed to preserve your beautiful new smile.

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