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Excellent Orthodontic Treatment in Toronto

orthodontic-treatment-torontoIf you are looking for excellent orthodontic treatment in Toronto, Dr. Norma Chou, Orthodontist, is here to help. Dr. Chou explains some of the dental problems that she can fix with the proper orthodontic treatment plan.

Openbites, underbites, overbites and deep overbites – Dr. Chou specializes in the correction of all four Dr. Chou suggests that these problems are seen early when some can be corrected without as much difficulty and without surgery. The fix usually requires braces, special appliances and/or retainers.

Crowding of the teeth - This usually occurs when the teeth are too big for the size of the jaws. There may also be extra teeth, a condition called hyperdontia. Dr. Norma Chou often treats serious crowding and /or hyperdontia by removing some teeth and aligning the rest with braces.

Crooked teeth – The fix will improve your overall dental health, allowing you to clean your teeth more easily. Dr. Chou uses braces (metal or clear ceramic), clear aligners, and retainers to straighten crooked teeth.

Gaps or spaces – You may not consider a gap between the front teeth a problem at all, but if you want to close it Dr. Chou can use braces to move the teeth together. A special glued-in retainer helps to keep the space closed.

Clenching or grinding your teeth – Grinding your teeth is called bruxism. Stress is one of the causes. Misaligned teeth or sleep issues can also be culprits among adults (among kids, causes can include allergies). Bruxism can give you headaches, a sore jaw and cracked or loose teeth. If you grind your teeth at night, Dr. Chou can fit you with a mouth guard. If it is a daytime problem, meditation, exercise or other ways to curb stress help.

If you have any of the above tooth problems please contact Dr. Norma Chou in Toronto at 416-532-3041, and schedule an appointment to discuss orthodontic treatment. Keep smiling!
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Braces are an investment in your smile. When your teeth reach the desired alignment, you'll have a beautiful smile, but it is important to keep them that way! You can accomplish this with a retainer provided by Dr. Chou.

A retainer is a small, custom-fit device that reinforces the new position of your teeth after your braces are removed. But for many patients,  wearing a retainer may seem like an annoyance. So exactly how long after your braces come off should you wear your retainer?

Graduation of Wear Time

When Dr. Chou removes your braces, she evaluates the condition of the bone surrounding your teeth and determine how well it is adjusting to the new positions of your teeth. Depending out how much your teeth were moved, you will have to wear your retainer both day and night for several months up to a year, except during brushing and flossing.

As the bone and gum tissues adjust to your new smile, Dr. Chou will determine when you start to wear your retainer only at night. After about one year of wearing the retainer every night, you can start to gradually reduce the wear to every second night, then to  two nights a week, etc.

However, we do not recommend ever stopping permanently. Teeth continue to move throughout life, whether or not you have had orthodontic treatment.  To best secure the positions of the teeth, especially through growth and health changes, wearing your retainer at least one or two nights a week will be necessary for many years.


Remember that wearing your retainer is an investment in your smile. If you fail to wear it consistently, the tissues that support your teeth will be unsupported, and you may begin to experience noticeable shifting. You've worked hard to get that beautiful smile — your retainer will let you keep it! Remember to call our Toronto office if you have any questions about your retainer!

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