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Toronto Orthodontist encourages Healthy Diet

Did you know that good oral health is linked to your diet? Dr. Norma Chou in Toronto says that to prevent cavities and maintain good oral health examine your diet:  what you eat and how often you eat are important factors. Dr. Chou says that changes in your mouth start the minute you eat certain foods. Bacteria in the mouth convert sugars and carbohydrates from the foods you eat to acids, and it's the acids that begin to attack the enamel on teeth, starting the decay process. Dr. Chou warns that  the more often you eat and snack, the more frequently you are exposing your teeth to the cycle of decay or cavities.

Dr. Chou recommends certain foods that will keep your mouth healthy. Some of the best food choices for the health of your mouth include cheeses, chicken or other meats, nuts, and milk. These foods are thought to protect tooth enamel by providing the calcium and phosphorus needed to remineralize teeth (a natural process by which minerals are redeposited in tooth enamel after being removed by acids).  Just remember to cut meat off the bone and to avoid really large fir nuts like Brazil nuts if you are wearing orthodontic "braces".

Other food choices that Dr. Chou includes are firm/crunchy fruits (for example, apples and pears) and vegetables. Dr. Chou tells us that these foods have a high water content, which dilutes the effects of the sugars they contain, and stimulate the flow of saliva (which helps protect against decay by washing away food particles and buffering acid). All of  these food items should be readily available in or near Toronto.  They should, however, be cut into bite-sized pieces to avoid damaging your "braces" or hurting teeth that may be sore from tooth movement.   Acidic foods, such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, and lemons, should be eaten as part of a larger meal to minimize the acid from them.

Dr. Chou says that it is common sense that some poor food choices include candy -- such as lollipops, hard candies, and mints -- cookies, cakes, pies, breads, muffins, potato chips, pretzels, french fries, bananas, raisins, and other dried fruits when you cannot brush your teeth right after eating them. Dr. Chou warns that these foods contain large amounts of sugar and/or can stick to teeth, providing a fuel source for bacteria. In addition, cough drops should be used only when necessary as they, like sugary candy, contribute to tooth decay.  If you chew gum, be sure to chew sugarless gum,  However, if you wear "braces", gum chewing is not advised.

If you are looking for good beverage choices, the best choice is water (especially fluoridated water).  Dr. Chou says that milk (not chocolate milk) and unsweetened tea are also good but limit your consumption of sugar-containing drinks, including soft drinks, lemonade, energy drinks and coffee or tea with added sugar. Rinsing with clean water after drinking them will help to limit the exposure of sugary substances to your teeth.

The team at Dr. Norma Chou's office is always available to answer questions regarding your oral health.  Contact us at our Toronto office at  to get oral advice. We work hard to give you the best smile!

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Did you know that your memory (or lack thereof) can be linked to your oral hygiene?  A report in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry ( showed that adults with gingivitis (swollen, bleeding gums) performed worse on tests of memory and other cognitive skills than those with healthier gums and mouths. Individuals with gingivitis were more likely to perform poorly in mainly two areas, subtraction and verbal recall.  Both skills are imperative, as they are used in daily life. 

A common hindrance to good oral hygiene is crooked teeth. Having crooked teeth makes it harder to floss and many give up flossing because it is difficult to get in between teeth. What people need to remember is that flossing is THE best way to remove plaque from in between teeth! Plaque is essentially bacteria and, if not removed, grows within the gums, causing gingivitis.

Let Dr. Norma Chou, Orthodontist, help you and your child with your oral health. Located in downtown Toronto, Dr. Chou is able to examine your mouth and to give expert advice on how orthodontic treatment can help you or your child to improved oral health.  It may even help to increase your child's test scores, so why not give it a try?

Research supports that a healthy mouth and a healthy body go hand in hand. Good oral hygiene and oral health can improve your overall health, reducing the risk of serious disease and perhaps even preserving your memory in your golden years.

Give Dr. Chou a call today at  to improve your oral health and possibly improve your memory!

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Monday, 23 June 2014 13:24

Importance of Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Chou tries to inform her patients about the importance of orthodontic treatment.

Many orthodontic problems get worse with time.

Possible effects of waiting too long may include:

• More discomfort

• More complex and lengthier treatment

• Increased treatment costs

• Greater psycho-social stigma with adult patients

Orthodontic treatment is an investment. If at all possible, it is better not to delay your treatment because it may save you discomfort, money and time in the long run. Please know that if you have financial concerns, our staff can work with you on a payment plan so that you can begin the treatment you need.

Dr. Chou wants to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime. Please call her office in Toronto if you have questions or want to schedule an appointment. We hope to see you soon!

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Monday, 30 June 2014 15:44

Goal of Toronto Orthodontist

The goal of treatment by Dr. Norma Chou is to produce attractive teeth with a good bite meaning straight teeth that mesh well with the teeth in the opposite jaw. As an orthodontic specialist, Dr. Chou will develop an orthodontic treatment plan to correct your tooth alignment and this can make it easier for you to bite, chew and speak. It can also enhance your dental health and your overall health, and may improve self-esteem.

Orthodontic treatment is part of a comprehensive dental health care plan. Dr. Chou says that with good dental care, including orthodontic treatment when necessary, teeth should last a lifetime.

Dr. Chou treats patients of all ages from children, teenagers to adults. In younger patients who are still growing, treatment can yield results that may not be possible once the face and jaws have completed their growth. For this reason, early orthodontic evaluation is important.

A healthy bite is as important at age 60 as it is at age 16. Even though adults are no longer growing, they can also enjoy benefits that come from orthodontic treatment. Age is not a barrier for orthodontic treatment; teeth can be moved at any age as long as the patient, teeth and gums are healthy.

Orthodontic treatment is a smart investment in your dental, physical and emotional health. Call Dr. Chou in Toronto for your consultation. Let us help get you smiling.

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