Orthodontic treatment and dental treatment are quite different. Dental treatment is aimed at maintaining overall health of the mouth and the teeth. Orthodontic treatment procedures such as those done by Dr. Norma Chou in Toronto, address issues such as improper bite, poor jaw alignment, and tooth crowding and spacing. . Because of the specific nature of orthodontic treatment, if can sometimes be tough for parents to know when their child should see an orthodontist. (Orthodontists are certified dental specialists with two to three years of extra training beyond the regular dental degree.)

Below are some telltale signs for parents to keep an eye out for.

Asymmetry – If you notice that your child has an asymmetrical face or if their teeth don’t line up, you should probably consult an orthodontist

Problems with Speaking and Eating – A visit to an orthodontist should be scheduled if you notice your child is having trouble biting or chewing food, speaking, or is experiencing cheek-biting

Bad Bite – Malocclusion, or bad bite, can begin to develop as the adult teeth grow in and replace the primary teeth. You can usually see the signs of bad bite between middle childhood and the pre-teen years, and an orthodontist should be consulted in order to evaluate and diagnose bad bite.

Tooth Crowding – If your child’s adult teeth have started to grow in and are already showing signs of crowding, see an orthodontist and discuss braces.

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